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  • How to Leverage Your Business with a Free eBook

    Free has a magical property of attracting even the most well to do in our society. People love to get free stuff. Using free giveaways is the best known strategy for businesses to build prospects and sales.

    Ebooks - the Easy Way To Get Published Now!

    A friend put the story of his life as a professional magician, film promoter and entrepreneur on paper. It took ten years, two electric typewriters and probably a gallon of correction fluid. He was shocked when he found the cost he faced if he had his book published. There were added problems because he wanted 40 photographs in the book and didn't want to send it overseas where it could be published more cheaply.

    Why The Future Will Always Be Digital Products

    Everywhere you go on the Internet, you will find some type of "digital product" on any website. What are "digital products?" Digital products are any products that you buy and then download to your computer or print to paper.

    10 Steps to Author 1 eBook

    Authoring a book, specifically an eBook (electronic book), is easy, affordable and profitable. Share your expertise and experience with an international on-line community of learners.

    Writing an eBook is Risk-taking Behaviour - Choose to do it!

    The choice to author a book isn't one that just suddenly comes to you. It's something that gradually happens. And it usually happens many times before you begin to take it seriously.

    10 Excuses for NOT Authoring an eBook!

    Most people at one time or another have said to themselves, Someday I'd like to write a book. or I only wish that someone would write a book about ______. or I think there would be a lot of people who would be interested in what I have to share about _____ .

    EBOOKS Are Books Too!

    Electronic books - that is books you read on the computer - have the same information and entail the same reading experience as books in the traditional form - that is books you actually hold in your hands. An ebook looks just like a Microsoft document but it is transformed into an ebook format such as PDF where the reader cannot make any changes to the document. There are other points of comparisons of ebooks and just regular books.

    A Brief History of the Book

    "The free communication of thought and opinion is one of the most precious rights of man; every citizen may therefore speak, write and print freely."

    (Emerging) Books

    A novel re-definition through experimentation of the classical format of the book is emerging.

    How To Create Your Own Info Product

    In the last article we talked about why informational products are the best type of products to sell online. An informational product can be a digital book (known as an e-book), a digital report or a white paper, a piece of software, audio or video files, a web site, an ezine (electronic magazine), or a newsletter.
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