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  • The Kolbrin - Ancient Warnings of Modern Threats

    The Kolbrin is a substantial Biblical-era wisdom text of immense value to comparative religion scholars, space threat researchers and philosophers. The earliest books of this ancient manuscript were written following the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt. Unlike the Bible and the Koran, however, it offers a non-judgmental view of ancient times that bridges secular and non-secular thought. It also projects dire and urgent warnings from across the millennia to those of us living today. The message of The Kolbrin is clear. We will soon face natural disasters that will visit death and havoc upon us in an unimaginable scale.

    The Kolbrin manuscript is 372,882 words long and is now available globally for the first time, from Your Own World Books in both paperback (548 Pages, 8.268 x 11.693 x 1.54) and eBook (Adobe, Microsoft, Mobipocket, Palm) editions. These editions are designed for collaborative group study, as The Kolbrin offers a new wealth of knowledge for:


    The Kolbrin offers invaluable insights through the writing of ancient authors for those seeking a better understanding of their own faith through comparative analysis. This is because The Kolbrin reflects the cutting-edge metaphysical and philosophical thinking of ancient times. Some feel it may have had a direct influence on the teachings of Jesus, given the Bible's and the Koran's accounts of his hiding in Egypt. This is because many of the original books of The Kolbrin were authored in Egypt, so this would have placed Jesus in close proximity to them.


    For those concerned about space threats, The Kolbrin offers an accurate description of a massive object called The Destroyer which orbits our Sun and is due to return with catastrophic results in the near future. It also correlates to Nostradamus's Bearded Star, Mother Shipton's Fiery Dragon and the Red Comet warning of the Mayan Calendar Prophecies.


    The Kolbrin differs from the Holy Bible and Koran in that it offers a humanist paradigm consistent with many New Age beliefs. The personal accounts in The Kolbrin offers invaluable insights into the genesis of the early religious and metaphysical thought following the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt, and which finally took root during the beginning of the European Renaissance in the 14th century. In many respects, the ancient writings of The Kolbrin offer a time machine journey back to the very genesis of the humanist movement.


    The parallels between the sack of the Library of Alexandria and the near loss of The Kolbrin are of interest to scholars, researchers and philosophers alike.

    Founded at the beginning of the 3rd century BC, the Library of Alexandria was the largest in the world at that time. It was burned during Julius Caesar's invasion of Alexandria (47-48 BC). According to the Roman Philosopher and Author, Aulus Gellius (123-169) the "sack" of Alexandria resulted in the destruction of 700,000 scrolls; the pitiful few that survived only whet our regrets over this tragic loss. Oddly, the same fate nearly befell The Kolbrin.

    Some theorize that the Egyptian scrolls in The Kolbrin were taken as booty during the 11th century Crusade and secreted away by Saxon monks at the Glastonbury Abbey in England for safekeeping. However, much of The Kolbrin was lost when arsonists set fire to the Glastonbury Abbey in 1184. Luckily, some of the original manuscripts were written on thin sheets of bronze in an effort to protect them from destruction. These bronze sheets were kept in copper-clad boxes and known as The Bronzebook of Britain. They were later combined with another collection, called The Coelbook, to become The Kolbrin.


    Some of the driving principles of The Kolbrin were recently echoed in the last-rites declaration of Pope John Paul II on April 2, 2005. "The unforgivable sins this earth must confront and overcome are Nationalism, capitalism, and hoarding. The idea of every nation should be forgot, price should be struck from the commons and princes should be seen for the devils they are. The sins include our church, secret societies and other religions which make of the spirit of God a divide."


    The need to study The Kolbrin is urgent, because it warns us of a long period object called The Destroyer that is soon to return. Despite the lack of present day scientific verbiage, the accounts contained in The Kolbrin of the last flyby event are factually prescient and help explain current perturbations in our solar system. More importantly, The Kolbrin offers us new hope by telling us how humanity survived and evolved beyond the last flyby of The Destroyer.

    For those on a limited budget, the publisher offers a special low-cost edition in the Mobipocket format. Also, most local libraries will acquire a copy of the print version upon request.

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